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How I Built It is the podcast that helps busy solopreneurs grow their businesses without spending more time on it.

Each week, host Joe Casabona talks about how you can build a better business through smarter processes, time management, and effective content creation.

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Hosted by Joe Casabona

Joe Casabona is podcast and automation coach who helps busy solopreneurs take back their time. Some even say he perfectly blend content creation and technology like it’s the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had (he says that).

Joe’s strategies come from his many years of experience: over 10 years creating podcasts, more than 15 years teaching, and over 20 years as a web developer.

He also produces 3 podcasts, makes $30,000-50,000 every year on sponsorships alone and gets 60,000 downloads every month from his show…while raising 3 small children. That’s because his podcast systems save him 12 hours every week.

When he’s not producing and coaching podcasters, you can find Joe spending time with his family, enjoying baseball, or talking too much about Star Wars.