Episode 18: Pippin Williamson & Restrict Content Pro

It’s the first episode of Season 2 and I’m glad to be back! Leading off, I got to talk to Pippin Williamson about resurrecting Restrict Content Pro, what it’s like being in the WordPress product space, pricing, developing, finding balance, and lots more in this jam-packed half hour.

Show Notes

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2 thoughts on “Episode 18: Pippin Williamson & Restrict Content Pro

  1. Great talk! I’m WordPress entrepreneur as well and have built several successful products that are used by 50k+ paying customers on 100k+ sites.

    You guys mentioned mastermind groups. Could you please share / recommend a few?

    1. Thanks Sujay! My Mastermind is a group of friends in similar positions. While I’m sure there are more formal ones, I think the best thing you can do is find a few folks you know and trust, and meet weekly or every 2 weeks.

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