How Making Helpful Content is the Right Way to Sell Products with James Laws

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Most people who start a business hate it when they get away from the actual work and move towards managing — the business and the people. But not James Laws. James has started several successful businesses and his favorite part is building the culture, ensuring employees are happy, and ultimately making sure everyone feels fulfilled…so much so that he wants to help more founders do just that. And he plans to, with tools, software, coaching, and more. But that’s a long game. It all starts with his podcast. Tune in to learn how James is using his podcast and blog to establish authority, build an audience, and learn about this new field.

Top Takeaways:

  • Building an audience in a brand new space is hard! You need to essentially learn the “rules” of the field and play by them to gain a following and trust.
  • If you’re trying to establish expertise, but do interviews, think of them as exchanging notes to help establish authority while also getting perspective.
  • The first step to making money with your content is to build an audience so that you share future endeavors with them. The key is to solve their problems with your free content…then you’ll understand them (and vice versa) making your paid products worth it for them.

Show Notes:


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