This page is included in the calendar invite and the reminder email too 🙂

How the Recording will Work

We’re going to be recording with an online tool (currently that will record both my audio and your audio automatically. The calendar invite includes a link to my “studio.”

Other Notes:

  • Video is on but not recorded. If you prefer not to have video on, let me know! Riverside will also kill the video if it’s affecting the internet connection.
  • I like to include an extra 5-10 minutes for my members if you’re OK with that!
  • This is not live, and it is edited. SO if we need to rephrase something, we can.

A pre-recording chat will be done day of, but if you’d like to get the out of the way before recording day, you can grab a time on my calendar.

Email is the best way to get a hold of me with any issues –

Improving Audio

Headphones are required. That will reduce feedback and echoing. We will not record if you don’t use headphones.

If you can, find a quiet place to record away from distraction. Things that can help recording:

  • Carpet (even if it’s just a throw rug)
  • Recording away from windows, or closing windows. If you have a fan that is low and consistent, that can usually be edited out.
  • Not recording in a completely empty room. Bookshelves and other wall decor can help reduce echo.

Other things that could help if possible:

  • Use a mic other than the one built-in to the computer. I recommend this one for most people.
  • Pause Dropbox and other cloud syncing services
  • Connect via Ethernet right into the modem or router if you can.
  • Restart the computer and click on the recording link in the calendar invite right before our call.


I will open the show, mention the show’s sponsor(s) and then introduce you. We’ll then jump into the questions.

If you’ve listened to previous episodes, the questions change based on what we’re talking about – you’ll get an email with the Calendly form you filled out, but in general I like to cover:

  1. Who you are and what you do
  2. What we’re talking about and how you solve that problem
  3. How you developed your process, product, or service (and why)
  4. Specific takeaways / action items for listeners (usually 2-4)
  5. A trade secret.

About the Trade Secret

This is just a good general piece of advice, not an actual trade secret. Something you’ve learned recently, or a hard-won lesson would be great! It can be based on our topic, or something you just like to tell people.


My job is to make you sound as good as possible, so going in, there are a few things to note:

  1. The interview will be edited
  2. I reserve the right not to publish an interview.
  3. To achieve the best sound quality, you’ll use a decent mic (not a built-in mic or cell phone), wear headphones, and record from a quite place.

One last thing…while I swear maybe a bit too much in my personal life, I generally like to stay away from the “explicit” rating on Apple Podcasts. If there is swearing (or other non-PG content) it will be edited out.

That’s about it! Looking forward to recording! And thanks for being on the show!