Sponsor How I Built It

Want to reach an audience of creators and small business owners? How I Built It is perfect for you!

Upcoming Episodes

Each episode of How I Built It has 3 available sponsor spots at either the pre- or mid-roll. All sponsorship includes:

  • A 60 second baked-in, host read
  • A permanent link and logo on the episode page, plus link in podcast players
  • Prominent placement on the website during the ad-run
  • Mention in the weekly newsletter
  • Mention on social media.

Back Catalog Spots

You can now purchase available spots in the back catalog, going all the way back to Episode 1. Each spot is a pre-roll, 60-second baked-in ad-read, plus a link and logo on the episode page, and mention on social media. View the available episodes here.

How I Built It Bits Micro-sponsor

Beginning in 2022, How I Built It will offer a new type of episode: 15 minute long highlights from the nearly 300 episodes in the back catalog. These episodes will be released in the main feed on Saturdays, and are available for sponsorship. They include a 45-second baked-in, host-read pre-roll ad, plus link on the show notes page.

More than Ad Reads

That’s not all you get with a How I Built It partnership though! You won’t be put into a box – the goal is for this campaign to be a win for you! As a result, I’ll work with you to help build a custom offer based on what works best for you. That includes opportunities for custom content on:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • The Build Something Weekly Newsletter

The first question I always ask is, What makes this a win for you? Then I’ll work with you to get that win.

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