The Importance of Digital Storytelling

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A family walks into a talent agency, and says, “Have we got the act for you…”

If you’re familiar with this opening to a joke, you may have had a visceral reaction to it — either you think it’s hysterically funny, shamefully disgusting, or both. It’s the opening to the joke, The Aristocrats, and if you have a weak stomach, I don’t suggest you look it up.

See, the point of this joke isn’t actually the punchline, which is right in the title. The point is to see how long you can improv a shocking, disgusting, offensive story.

You can think about it as a secret handshake among comedians, that became not so secret after a 2005 documentary came out about it.
It going me thinking about the importance of telling a story.

This week, I got to speak to my friend Nick Benson’s college classes about Digital Storytelling.

Don’t worry, I didn’t tell The Aristocrats.

Instead, I spoke to them about why storytelling is so important in any content you create, especially podcasting.

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