Welcome to How I Built It [2021]

How I Built It
How I Built It
Welcome to How I Built It [2021]

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Building something great takes a lot of things. Time. Energy. Patience. A little bit of money. And an open mind. 

From the moment I started freelancing, over 20 years ago, to the moment I started recording this trailer, I’ve consistently asked one question: “How did you build that?” 

For a long time, “that” was a specific project — a website. A course. A podcast. But over time “that” evolved. Now it’s a business; an email list; a content strategy. 

When I started this podcast half a decade ago, I had a specific goal in mind: to get the back stories on how products were made. To highlight the successes and the failures. And to extract the coveted “trade secret.” Most weren’t secrets of-course; they were just good advice that people forget to follow. 

But things have changed. More people are starting their own businesses. More people need to know the important aspects not just of specific projects, but of how to grow something sustainable. I know because I’ve done it and I’m doing it. And I know you can too. 

If you’ve been listening to How I Built It for a while, thanks so much for sticking with me; for growing with me and learning with me. I’m excited for what’s next for us. 

And if you’re new: you’re in for a treat. This show is for the creators who want to create more easily. For the small business owners who want to leverage tools to grow their businesses. For the freelancers who’ve had enough of the grind and want to enjoy the benefits of self-employment. 

If you’re a creator, small business owner, or freelancer, this show is exactly what you need from the expert interviews, to the live coaching calls, and the behind the scene looks at how I’m creating. So subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts – I’ve made it easy for you at howibuilt.it/subscribe. And welcome. I hope you’re ready to get out there and build something.

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