Why Titles on YouTube (or any Content) is so Important with Jake Thomas

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How do you grow a newsletter to 20,000 subscribers in less than a year? Try this ONE trick! Want to 5x your YouTube downloads? DO THIS! These are both titles I could have given this episode — and taking the advice of Jake Thomas, I should have! See, Jake studies YouTube titles to see what makes people click. And while he gives some away for free in his newsletter, he also has a whole searchable database that you can pay to get access to. So today, Jake tells us how he built his subscriber base up to 20,000 in a year, as well as the importance of good titles, not just on YouTube, but everywhere.

Top Takeaways:

  • Titles and thumbnails are super important because if they don’t get people to click, no one watches. So spend time on them — and use Jake’s tips!
  • You DO still need good content. Both Jake and I have been considering more quality over quantity lately. Instead of super timely stuff, make it evergreen, really good, and dial in the titles.
  • If you’re getting started, find your niche, and look at similar channels (and adjacent niches’ channels). See what’s working for them, and put your own spin on it.

Show Notes:


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